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Best of Storenvy 2020

A yearly salute to our top stores. These stores have earned the title #BestOfStorenvy by collecting the most product Envies or store Watchers, selling the most stuff, or shipping faster than lightning. Each of them represent what it truly means to rep your brand on Storenvy. You can find out just how awesome they are… Read more »

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Are You Ready to Hire More Help?

One of the toughest decisions when running a small business is determining when it’s time to get an extra set of hands. Sure, sole proprietorships require an almost fanatical focus on managing costs to help boost profits, and you might wince at the idea of spending any money at all elsewhere. Even so, there still comes… Read more »

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Unbreakable: Pack Fragile Items Like a Pro

Perhaps the most discouraging form of feedback that online sellers receive comes from customers angry over being shipped products broken in transit. Along with being disappointing for both parties, it can be doubly upsetting because it’s so entirely preventable. I once sold a three-piece set of nesting Italian terracotta serving bowls with a smooth, white glaze. I placed some newspaper… Read more »

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Holiday Season Affirmations

You’re going, going, going all through the busy holiday season. If sales are up and your process is running smoothly, you surely have a friendly wind at your back. But what if things are a bit bumpy? What if you’re working yourself in circles but aren’t getting the results you want? When failed expectations combine… Read more »

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Bring Joy to Holiday Shoppers

When shopping during the gift-giving season, shoppers may be wary of what they might get—and when they might get it. So step up to ease their minds and take the worry out of their Yuletide buying. Here are four golden rules you can use to deliver some comfort and joy for your customers, giving them the… Read more »

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