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Best of Storenvy 2020

A yearly salute to our top stores. These stores have earned the title #BestOfStorenvy by collecting the most product Envies or store Watchers, selling the most stuff, or shipping faster than lightning. Each of them represent what it truly means to rep your brand on Storenvy.

You can find out just how awesome they are by checking out their stores at the links below.

Envy on!

Brainstorm School

Brainstorm School is a concept art, design and illustration focused private learning center based in Burbank, Ca.  Artist’s from around the world gather to learn & develop in our friendly community.  All of our courses are guided by industry professionals teaching current design and art techniques used in today’s entertainment industry.

Peg Leg Porker

Peg Leg Porker is a family owned and operated restaurant and catering company owned by Carey and Delaniah Bringle. At Peg Leg Porker, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and great food. Our award winning BBQ is what makes us stand out above the crowd. It doesnt get any better than this, except maybe your Grandmama’s house. Our southern hospitality is one you wont forget. Remember, we are more than just BBQ. 


I would describe my style of art, as irreverent commercial illustration. I wouldn’t consider there to be any specific sources of inspiration for the stuff I make. For the most part life in general is a source of inspiration. It feels like in a some ways my work comes from the same place as a standup comedian’s material. Just taking note of the people and things around you gives a lot of inspiration for humorous creative output.

Holley Tea Time

Holley Tea Time was founded in 2009 and opened its 1st online shop in 2010. By creator artist and designer Holley Khuzaie. Holley Tea Time is a cute shop specializing in Japanese inspired clothing, jewelry and accessories. The shop has a magical theme with lots of glitter and pastel colors. All designs in our shop are original illustrations drawn by Holley. The goal of Holley Tea Time is to make a world filled of happiness and magic in everyone’s hearts.



Thanks for checking out my terrible art!

*The first 2 time winner and it’s only year 2!

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