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How to Make Your Store Description Stand Out


Hard work and persistence are essential for running your business, but it’s also crucial to differentiate your brand by showing some personality wherever possible. One place to do that? Your store description. A little time spent giving your brand some personality can have a huge impact on the experience people have shopping with you.

So, what are some requirements for an awesome store description? Keep reading to find out!

Must-have #1: Personality.

Always ask yourself, if my brand were a person, what attributes would he or she have? How would they present themselves to your target audience? That is would they be friendly? Funny? Quirky? You can easily set the tone of your brand in your store description by using language that’s conversational and human.

Must-have #2: A good story.

Take some time to think about what makes you unique as a brand. Aside from your physical product, are there specifics about your business that might make a customer more inclined to shop with you? Maybe all your products are sourced locally or made with natural, organic materials? Share with visitors how you came up with the idea for your product, or some other interesting founding story about your business. These efforts will humanize your online business making it easier to connect with prospective customers.

Must-have #3: Error-free writing.

Nothing screams “amateur hour” like a store description filled with typographical or grammatical errors. Always give your writing a once-over before saving it. Sometimes it even helps to read what you’ve written out loud, identifying problematic sentences or ideas as you go. Always use keywords that relate to your business or industry so that you’re discoverable in search engines, but keep your description short and sweet. If you’re too long-winded, customers probably won’t take the time to read through everything, and this is a huge missed opportunity.

Must-have #4: Relevant details (and nothing more).

This isn’t the place for explaining how you handle returns and exchanges (you have your FAQ section for that!) What you can do instead is leave your customers a friendly reminder to see your FAQs or contact you directly before ordering.

So, how will you use your store description to differentiate yourself from competitors?

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