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Holiday Season Affirmations


You’re going, going, going all through the busy holiday season. If sales are up and your process is running smoothly, you surely have a friendly wind at your back.

But what if things are a bit bumpy? What if you’re working yourself in circles but aren’t getting the results you want? When failed expectations combine with the holiday flurry, you could be in danger of going full-on Scrooge before the season is over.

Relax, and remind yourself of a few things that will prove you’re doing better than you realize and that you’re in full control. Here are some happy thoughts you should run through your mind during the most challenging season of the year.

“I’m using a schedule to organize my time as best I can.”

One of the most common stresses of the season is the demand on time. You’re working to an immovable date (for whatever it is you celebrate), and there’s no rescheduling it.

Don’t let that make you feel boxed in, though. Remember that you’re on a path to an upcoming celebration and that it’s the reason you’re so active—and it’s for good reasons.

Establish a daily schedule, plot out what you intend to do each day of the journey, then work to that plan.

If you already have that schedule, then feel good that you’ve done the smartest thing possible for the season. If you haven’t made a schedule, there’s still time to do so. As tired as it might sound, every day is an opportunity to achieve good things, and during the holiday season, your planning to do good work is the best way to manage and use your time.

“There’s only so much time in a day, and that’s OK.”

There are only 24 hours in a day, no matter the season. Accept that and embrace it.

What it means is that you can plan those hours with full anticipation of what’s available to you. In a way, it puts you in control of each day, allowing you to identify how you’ll use those hours.

Take care to avoid overbooking yourself. Make time to rest and relax; your health depends on that, and set expectations based on doing the most important things first each day. Then tell yourself you’re working to schedule and doing your best to meet it.

That’s all you can do—it’s all that anyone can do, and no one expects you to run yourself ragged. Well, you might, but if you do, change that right now!

“What I do is making people happy—and that makes me happy.”

During the season, there’s that image we’ve all seen at one time or another: the sleepy parents stumbling downstairs while excited children dance about at the sight of gifts. Mom and Dad smile through their sleepiness and say, “Well, that excitement makes it all worth it.”

Some people struggle with the hustle and bustle of the season, wondering why they’ve run themselves in so many directions and at such speed. It’s because they’ve been busy doing things that make others happy. When it comes to your business and getting busy this time of year, it means you’re delivering products that are making customers happy or otherwise easing their load. That’s certainly something to feel good about.

“If I’m busy, then I’m doing good business!”

When the season makes you busy, it’s good for business. When in the midst of the activity, it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re running here and there to fulfill customer orders and requests.

But remind yourself that this is why you’re in business, it’s testament to your ability to attract customers, and it sets you up nicely to start off the coming new year with an engaged customer base. Now that’s definitely something to feel good about!

“It’s the holiday season—I will enjoy it!”

This is what it’s all about, Charlie Brown: The holiday season is here to be enjoyed. Whether it reminds us of child-like glee or fills us with spiritual awe, it’s a time to celebrate together.

Yes, it marks the end of a year and often with a frantic pace that’s usually unmatched, but we’re rushing around to get the most the season has to offer, and that’s a good thing.

Strive to make each connection more meaningful than ever, whether with customers, family or friends. Make time—and take time—to enjoy your interactions. Go the extra yard for everyone to make their season bright.

And, most important, remind yourself of all you’ve done in the year past and be sure to let that soak in. If you’ve had a good year, this is the time to celebrate all that it has brought to you and to those around you.

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