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Bring Joy to Holiday Shoppers


When shopping during the gift-giving season, shoppers may be wary of what they might get—and when they might get it. So step up to ease their minds and take the worry out of their Yuletide buying.

Here are four golden rules you can use to deliver some comfort and joy for your customers, giving them the confidence that you’ll deliver what they need, on time and as advertised. In the process, you’ll build shoppers’ trust—something that money can’t buy but can bring joy to you after the holidays.

1. Share a little bit about yourself

In this online age, most shoppers are advised to seek, search and compare before they buy anything. They’re counseled to look for the best prices and best reputations.

This puts your store in twinkling lights for everyone to see and determine if you’re the seller who can deliver.

Therefore, as you’re trimming your store with all sorts of holiday-perfect products, make sure to display some details about yourself and your business that prove you’re a seller to be trusted.

2. Be concise and clear

As much as any of us love eye-dazzling decoration, when it comes to shopping, holiday buyers are looking to find exactly what they want, quickly and easily.

Don’t display goods that might seem misleading (either in features or function) to hook a less-than-attentive shopper. Instead, indicate precisely what you have to offer (using simple descriptions and clean images).

If you’re very clear about what you’re offering, shoppers will be able to shop and buy with greater confidence. Transparency and clarity make shoppers happy, and it will make them happy with you, too.

3. Be steadfast in delivering on time

Most important during the busy shopping season is the assurance that an item will arrive on time. If there’s still a bit of hesitation about holiday shopping online, it stems from the uncertainty over whether an item will be delivered when needed.

Help shoppers by ensuring the items they ordered are shipped as soon as possible. If you drag your feet during the fulfillment process, you’ll have an unhappy buyer on your hands and will risk not only that buyer’s wrath but also that of everyone he or she complains to.

Ease shoppers’ minds by shipping when you promise and providing quick communication should they reach out to you with any questions.

4. Be willing to go the extra mile

And since this is the season of giving, be prepared to give just a little extra to ensure shoppers will be delighted. In addition to prompt shipping, nicely wrapped packages and thank you notes can go a long way when it comes to delighting holiday shoppers.

As exciting as this shopping season can be, it can also be filled with stress and consternation. Take these few steps (and maybe a few more that you can think of) to help make your customers’ holiday just a bit better. For your efforts, you’ll likely gain more customers in the long run and, in the end, it will be a win-win for all involved—and that’s quite comforting, indeed.

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