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How to Finish the Year Strong!


2016 went by fast, didn’t it? And it’s about to go by even faster.

So take a minute to see how you’ve done so far and how ready you’ll be to energetically tackle the last—and busiest part of 2016.

Not feeling motivated? It could be due to fatigue or doubt regarding whether you can reach your year-end goals, but don’t panic. You’ve got this! Here are some simple things you can do to keep the momentum going and finish the year strong.

Look at the good

Start by looking at your revenue so far this year. Hopefully it’s in the positive. If so, pat yourself (and your team, if you work with one) on the back for a job well done. Positive cash flow is evidence you’re doing well. How’s that for an energy boost?

Now, dig deeper to see where that revenue came from: certain items, certain campaigns and so on. These are your winners—you need to understand, replicate, and propagate these as much as possible. When winning brings more winning, that’s a big-time boost that can be addictive.

Look for the bad

Of course, not everything will be a win. But keep that from draining your energy by really taking that fact to heart. At times, you’ll come up short. It’s as simple as that.

No businessperson wants any sort of failure and should try to avoid it, but it happens. Having a healthy realization of that will keep you from getting derailed or feeling defeated.

Now that you have that down, honestly identify shortcomings in your business and take steps to plan a recovery. If you address problems at the moment they’re detected, they won’t balloon up into larger issues.

Taking swift action will also keep your mental resolve firm and unshakeable as you show yourself that you have the stamina to manage your business attentively and intelligently. That’s another mental boost that you’ll need to propel you into the coming months.

Prepare a year-end plan

Once you’re feeling good and confident, it’s time to put that positive energy to work as you prep for a big finish to 2016. This is where you begin executing to a revised and refocused cash flow plan, you determine which investments and purchases you need to be ready for the end-of-year rush, and you get a jumpstart on your reconciliations that come soon after.

It’s a lot of work, but that’s business. Yet, one of the most satisfying feelings you can have as a business owner is a sense of preparedness, for everything you expect to happen along with flexibility to gracefully respond to anything unexpected.

Execute and recharge

Next, put your plan into action. Of course, you should expect to make adjustments as gaps in your plan are revealed or if a new opportunity presents itself (and hopefully your preparations will allow you to adjust to maximize these unexpected wins).

Trust your plan, execute to it and prove to yourself that you’re the right person to be leading the charge.

You are your greatest ally in your potential success as we head into the last months of 2016. No surprise there, but you will need to pace yourself, allowing for basic human needs such as plenty of rest and downtime.

Some people plan this sort of recovery time instinctively whereas others need to be reminded. Whichever camp you fall into, make time—every day—to recharge your batteries so you can finish the year strong.

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