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Packaging & Shipping Roundup


Packaging and Shipping

This month we made it our mission to help you make sure every order is beautifully packaged and shipped out hassle-free:

Creative ways to package your product and show off your brand
As a small business owner you are typically packaging each and every order that goes out the door yourself. While many see this as time consuming and one of the most mundane parts of their business, it can be an opportunity to make a stunning first impression and make sure your brand gets remembered.

Researching shipping costs and packing materials
While setting shipping rates may not be the most interesting part of your online business, doing proper research will save you down the line in terms of costly mistakes or losing potential customers.

3 Tips for shipping Internationally
Although shipping internationally can be daunting, it really isn’t anymore difficult or confusing than shipping within your own country.

Save time by printing shipping labels at home
The days of waiting in line at the post office are no more. These tools will help you save money and speed through the shipping process, which will give you more time to focus on other areas of your business!

Other May posts:

This month we added 3 more stories from inspirational store owners and featured guest posts on little things you can do to increase your sales and developing a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Still want more?

Here’s a couple more articles that might help you out with shipping:
Ecommerce:Beginner’s Guide to Shipping
Best Practices for eCommerce Shipping

Next month: Selling in-person

Just in time for summer craft and trade fair season, June will be all about in-person selling. Keep an eye out for tips on booth setup, building a rapport with potential customers and pitching to wholesale buyers or consignment stores.

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