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Little things make a big difference: Help your store sell even more


So you’ve made an ecommerce store, you’re living the dream, you’re working from home, and you’re just waiting for the money to roll in! But did you know that there are different factors that can influence your customers’ buying behaviour? To make the most of your online store, there are a few simple things that you can include to make your customers want to order from your store.

High-quality product pictures

The typical e-commerce storefront is 60% made up of product images. Since you’re not able to show your product to your buyer, they’re entirely relying on your photos to get an idea of what they’re buying. That’s why it’s so important to have not only good-looking pictures, but also photos that give an accurate idea of what the product’s like in real life. That means photos from several angles, photos with people so that you can get an idea of the fit (for clothing) or size (for objects like bags). Zoom features are a bonus!

Tokki Mori solves the problem by putting their product, a pencil case, in a person’s hands. That way you get an idea of the size.


By showing people exactly what they’ll get, it helps them feel sure that they want to buy it, and it will also lead to fewer unhappy customers in the end.

Product descriptions to fall in love with

Product descriptions are tools that work in tandem with the product photos. There are elements that work as tools to tell your customer more about the product they’re considering buying to give them a better idea, and at the same time is a sales tool that’s available to you. You can use this space to add a story, a background, list the uses, and make it sound appealing to your potential buyer.

A great example is “Let’s get Anatomical,” a store that sells art prints on old dictionary pages. But take a look at how they describe their product to make it sound like so much more:


“This listing is for an amazing image printed on an upcycled vintage dictionary page. We rescue old dictionaries and books from thrift stores and other sources and give them new life by printing vintage, heirloom, old-world style images onto their pages. You will be purchasing a unique and beautiful print. Framed, you will have a fun, unusual work of art to hang on your wall.”
Your product descriptions should also be realistic, as to not mislead your buyers. If your photo is of a poster that’s framed, then make sure to clarify if the frame comes with it!

Accurate Sizing Information

If you’re selling apparel, one of the biggest factors working against you is that your buyer can’t try on the clothes. That means they don’t know if it’ll look good on them, considering each body is a little different.

That’s why you should include as specific information as possible, so that your buyer can get an accurate idea of how the garment will fit. You can find some product descriptions and sizing guides for the garment suppliers you’re getting them from.

The same goes for any other products – indicating their dimensions will only give the buyer a better idea of what they’re buying. Trust leads to purchases.

Include testimonials to improve trust

When other people see that others have had a good experience, that makes them believe that they also have the chance of having a good experience with your store. WikiJobs found that they got 34% more purchases when they added testimonials.

Make sure they’re real! Get the person’s photo, and it’s even better if you can link to their site. Even better if you can focus on a specific pain point – quality, shipping time, customer service. These are much more effective than generic praise.

Good example:


Includes: a photo of the person saying it, addressing real-life benefits, with a full name, position, and link to his relevant business.

To add testimonials to your Storenvy store, you can either create a dedicated page, or add it to your FAQ page.

Look beyond the product
All in all, what we’re trying to say is that having an e-commerce store is so much more than simply having a great product. There are other tools that can and should be used to help your potential customers feel confident in their purchase. All in all leading to even more sales for you.


Julia is the marketing specialist from Printful, the on-demand print fulfillment company that prints and sends t-shirts, posters, totes, and more to your customers, and proudly integrates with Storenvy

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