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Creative ways to package your product and show off your brand

Creative Packaging examples

As a small business owner you are typically packaging each and every order that goes out the door yourself. While many see this as time consuming and one of the most mundane parts of their business I see this as an opportunity. I challenge you to look at this as a way to add a personal touch, show off your brand creativity and create a lasting impression on your buyer. I promise the time spent is well worth it.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Personal Touch

While Amazon may be able to ship and deliver products within 24 hours, you can show your customers how much you care by adding personal touches to your packages. Handwritten or typed notes thanking the customer for their purchase and offering coupon codes for their next purchase are a great way to leave a lasting impression while making your customer feel appreciated.

proudly say thank you note
Handwritten note from Michael of Proudly Say.

sew beastly packaging
Typed note from Citlalli of Sew Beastly thanking the customer and sharing her mission.

Throw in something extra

Your customer only expects to receive what they purchased from you. Why not surprise them by throwing in something extra to make them feel appreciated. This is a great way to build your brand image and another chance to delight a customer.

Extras can be anything from stickers, pins, playing cards, wristbands, temporary tattoos or even chocolate coins. When I was running a beer pong inspired clothing line we’d throw a ping pong ball in with every order. Think about what makes sense for your brand but also be creative!

dream gold coins
Gold chocolate coins from apparel brand Dream Gold.

Wristbands thrown in from Inkefx.

Think outside the box

The default shipping solution is typically polymailer bags or cardboard boxes. These are good, practical options but why not kick them up a notch. Instead of plain white bags why not print your brand’s logo on the bag giving your company a polished and professional look. Or get really creative and use custom printed pizza boxes, paint cans or mailing tubes to make an impression that your customers will be sure to share with their friends. For a cheaper alternative to custom printing, invest in a custom rubber stamp and stamp your logo instead.

miles to go packaging
Custom printed poly-mailer from Miles to Go Clothing
johnny cupcakes packaging
All you need is some imagination. Johnny Cupcakes turned a plain cardboard mailer into eye-catching packaging with just a custom printed sticker and some paint.

just kidding clothing  packaging
Imagine the look on‘s customers’ faces when this pizza box mailer shows up on their doorstep.

Before you send out your next order take a few minutes to brainstorm some creative ways that you can leave that lasting impression and give your customers something to tell their friends about.

Bonus packaging ideas:
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