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Last Minute Cyber Monday Store Prep


Breaking news: Cyber Monday is only one week away! But no reason to panic, right? After all, you’ve had Storenvy’s 12 Days of Tips-Mas to get you ready for the holiday rush. Since we’ve been dropping major knowledge on you for the last three weeks, we thought we’d keep it going and recap all of this important material in one quick list.

Tips-Mas Tip #1Why Setting Goals is Crucial to Holiday Success

When you’re setting goals, make sure to follow the SMART method: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Related. The more closely you follow that method, the more likely you’ll be able to meet and exceed the goals you set.

Tips-Mas Tip #2How to Get Your Inventory Ready for the Holidays

Take the time upfront to make sure your inventory numbers are up to date. All it takes is one poor customer experience to send a potential lifetime customer packing.

Tips-Mas Tip #3SEO and Your Online Store: The Basics

Getting your store and products to show up in search takes both time and effort. What we’ve learned: content is king, links are important, use a custom domain and avoid any shady tactics.

Tips-Mas Tip #4Inventory Management: 4 Quick Tips

When thinking about your inventory, don’t be afraid of data, think about the big picture, streamline your process, and make sure to avoid out of stock items.

Tips-Mas Tip #5Setting Customer Expectations for Holiday Shopping

One of the best ways to ensure satisfied customers after the holidays is to let them know what to expect before they ever make a purchase. You can do this by clarifying your exchange/return policies, updating your shipping info and making sure you over-communicate!

Tips-Mas Tip #6Updating Your Titles, About Page and Product Descriptions

Taking extra time to polish the text around your store can really pay off. Having product descriptions and titles that are easy to read and understand are almost as important as your product images.

Tips-Mas Tip #7How to Rock Product Photography with your Smartphone

Product photos are everything when it comes to selling your products, but the good news is with the right lighting and editing–and your trusty smartphone–your pictures can be showroom quality.

Tips-Mas Tip #8Best Practices & Strategies for Running Holiday Promotions

A well-timed and well-planned promotion can have a very beneficial outcome for your store and brand but make sure that promotions are a good fit for your business and the promotion you run will work for your store.

If you haven’t had a chance to do a deep-dive into each of these categories on the Storenvy Store Owner Inspiration and Resources blog, we highly recommend doing so. Then, as you’re working throughout the holiday season, stay on track with the list above. Oh, and one more thing–tell us how it goes!

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