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Give Your Store a Quick Facelift for the Holidays #1 — titles, about, product descriptions


This time of year we start to see decorations everywhere. Stores, homes, restaurants, even the streets usually sprout ornamentation of some kind.

Don’t let your store be the ugly duckling next to all the extra effort everyone else is taking. Take a few minutes to update these 3 areas to give your online storefront a quick swan transformation in time for the holiday rush.


Your product titles are hugely important, almost as important as your product images, as they’re one of the first things a shopper will notice about your store. Writing good titles is a balancing act between including all the important keywords (helping people find your items) and still portraying your brand clearly.

  • If your titles are just a string of keywords that don’t even join into a sentence you will come across as spammy.

  • Including things like ‘free ship’ and ‘on sale’ generally also gives a bad impression.

  • Naming your products (e.g. ‘Amy Dress’ or ‘Midnight Necklace’) can hurt your SEO because you’re including words people probably won’t be searching for. That being said, it might be really important for your brand message so use your own judgement on this one.

  • If your titles are too long, they will get cut off, so make sure all the most important information is at the beginning or consider shortening them.

Here are a few examples of good titles:


You’ve grabbed their interest with a great photo (more on product photos coming soon) and a snappy title, but now your potential customers want the details. This is the part where you need to provide all the information they could ask about or find out for themselves if they were in a brick-and-mortar store and could touch and pick up the item. It’s also the part where you need to put in the sales pitch a salesperson in a physical store would give. Make sure to include:

  • The facts – How big is it? What is it made of?

  • Benefits – Why would someone want to buy one? Who or what is it for? What makes it better than a similar product in another store? Would it make a great gift?

  • Extra incentives to buy – Is it handmade or ethically sourced? Is it made from higher quality materials?

  • A story – Ideally you would weave the information above into a nice description that also paints a brand picture about the item. If that isn’t possible, including some kind of additional story will work too. If you’re stuck for inspiration, consider how the item was made or how it would fit into someone’s life.

These are excellent examples of great product descriptions:

Moth Girl

The Moth Girl
The Moth Girl is a archival Print of my Original Watercolor Painting.

Meet Abby, the Moth Girl! She is at her best surrounded by the darker things in the world.

While most girls like pretty butterflies, Abby finds her strength in the power of things that live at night. Moths seem to follow her around the most. She is their light.

Abby hopes to someday find someone that also lives for the darkness might be attracted to her light.

The original illustration was created by me (Debra Styer) with watercolor and gouache.

The artwork on this limited edition print is 6in X 8in and is printed on archival velvet fine art paper with archival inks.

The print will be shipped to you in a protective sleeve with extra backing in a sturdy flat mailing envelope.

The print includes a lovely antique white mat ready to pop into a 8 x 10 frame.

All prints are signed and numbered.

This is a limited edition print of 100.

Black and white zip pouch

Black Stripe Cotton Wax Bottom Zip Pouch
Are you a sucker for zipper pouches? Do you like to keep your things organized? This zipper pouch is striped cotton and has a waxed charcoal gray canvas bottom – all made in the USA. Use it to organize the little things in your larger bags or use it alone like a clutch or wallet. It’s light weight and it’s the perfect size for everyday use.

:: 100% Cotton canvas – black and white stripe
:: Waxed Canvas bottom – charcoal gray
:: 100% light weight cotton lining – natural white
:: antique brass zipper
:: Approximately 7 W x 6.5 H inches


Turquoise Studs

Turquoise Studs
Legend has it that the Native American Indians danced and rejoiced when the rains came. Their tears of joy mixed with the rain and seeped into Mother Earth to become SkyStone, Turquoise. Turquoise has been regarded as the stone of blessings, good fortune, protection, good health and long life.

Simple and cute everyday earrings. Don’t be ashamed if you never take them off ;)

These studs are made with beautiful 8mm turquoise stones which are set in a sterling silver bezel with sterling silver earpost and earnut. Completely handmade with love.

These lovelies measure 8mm in diameter.


Don’t forget about your store’s description either. Customers are much more likely to buy from a store they feel a connection with and know something about. Help build that connection by putting some effort into writing a good ‘about’ for your store. It doesn’t need to be long but it does need to be more than just a list of the types of products you sell. A little about how your business got started, the way you source or make your products, or some insight into the people behind the scenes are all great things to cover in an ‘about’ section. Bonus points if you setup a custom page to convey even more information about you and your store and share some images.

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