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How to Write Great FAQ’s

An often overlooked aspect of managing your online store is the FAQ section. Tailoring this section to fit the needs & style of your brand cohesively can truly separate you from other stores. Having robust questions and answers not only saves you time in customer interaction over having to field answers through email, it drives… Read more »

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Finding A Niche In The Marketplace

Roxie and Tom of Frostbeard Studio sell book-themed candles inspired by their favorite stories and characters. Since opening up shop, they have grown their business from a side gig to a full time job and have sold to book-loving customers all over the world. We reached out to them to ask what they’ve learned first hand from being their own boss…

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Parcels of Inspiration: Art Project Turned Small Business

Remember how awesome it was to receive letters from family and friends in the mail? Those days are nearly gone, but business owner, Miranda Smith, keeps this dying tradition alive through The Love Parcel, an art project that has now become a small business. She shares her inspiring idea and small business insights.

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