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How to Make Craft Fairs Pay Dividends with More Online Sales

Craft Fairs

Craft fairs and in-person events are great ways to sell directly and build awareness of how awesome you are. But a lot of time that’s where your connection with would be customers and fans ends. It doesn’t help fuel your 24/7 online sales machine.

It’s like getting the attention of someone you want to meet, but just hoping to get a call back after they’ve left. Don’t hope. Make sure you get them to call you.

Here are some helpful tips to make your next craft fair pay ongoing dividends by getting more sales on your Storenvy store.

1. Give away your business cards

All events have lots of browsers who love your stuff, but don’t buy right then. Make sure that they leave with something. A simple business card is a good start. Show your logo, contact info and of course your Storenvy URL in an big easy to read font.

Take your business card to the next level by including an offer and discount code. This is my favorite time to bring out the big Buy 1, Get 1 Free super discount. They’ve met you in person. So give them an offer that turns your personal charm into a sale.


2. Sign up for your mailing list

Handing out your card is great. But you want to get their contact info too. Keep a mailing list signup sheet handy on a clipboard. And make sure to ask everyone who stops by if they would like to join your mailing list and get your email newsletter.

Plus get an email address from anyone who buys from you. If you are using PayPal Here to swipe credit cards, all that valuable information is easily captured and stored in your PayPal account.

Giving an incentive to sign up for your newsletter is also helpful to entice shoppers to give you their info. Again a discount code works great. Or maybe offer an entry into a raffle or giveaway.

3. Put something special in their bag

You probably give some extra TLC with creative packaging that shows off your brand when you ship an online order. Do the same with your in-person sales. For example:

  • Stick a custom printed sticker to their bag
  • Create your own custom bag
  • Package your product in a branded box or mailer
  • Insert a typed note about you and what you’re about
  • And of course… drop in your business card
Sew Beastly gift wrap

Sew Beastly gift wrap

4. Snap a pic and go viral

Everyone at the craft fair will have their smartphone. Give them a great reason to snap a pic of your booth or any of the great stuff you are selling. If a customer is browsing or trying something on, tell them that would be the perfect selfie or offer to take their pic with your product.

Any way you can entice them to take a picture of what you’re selling do it. Not only will they have the picture stored as a great memory for an ah-ha moment later, you may possibly go viral to all their friends. They’re likely to text, SnapChat, pin, tweet, or post to their many connections that aren’t there. And the best place for their now envious friends to also buy is on your online store.

Mokuyobi Threads

5. Connect with other sellers

Guess who else appreciates your amazing work at a craft fair? The other sellers do. Visit other booths and displays to meet with other great creators. If you find a good connection, you can create a fantastic business ally who can help drive business to your online store.

Other sellers can be fans too. Feel free to post their products to your fans. They’re likely to share your inspiration with their social network in return. Or plant the seed of collaborating on a new product line or joint promotional sale.

Cool stuff is cool stuff whether you made it or not. Your customers and their customers will love it.

6. Enhance your Storenvy store

Bring back all that you’ve learned and experienced at the fair and incorporate it into your online store. You’ve talked with customers. You’ve seen what they picked up or tried on. You’ve seen what they didn’t even pay attention to. Take that all in as a little market research.

Now you can use those learnings to tweak your store to help increase conversions. Here are some ideas:

  • Add commonly asked questions to your FAQs
  • Update your brand story with
  • Include a list of “as seen at” events in your brand story
  • Add a product pic of the product at the event (note – you can’t use pics of customers without their written permission)
  • Update photos and product descriptions to accommodate they style of your audience
  • Adjust pricing to optimize profits – you may learn that you are able to charge more
  • Create new products based on what shoppers were buying

Craft fairs are a one day frenzy of shoppers. If you play your cards right, you can turn the personal connections you made to attract more buyers to your online store.

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