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Benefits of Selling in Marketplaces

Benefits of Marketplaces

Do you have an e-commerce store? Great! The beauty of having your own custom store is that you have the option to mold it stylistically, however you want so that your brand really shines. When you send people to this store, they experience only your brand. When you have that e-commerce store up and running, one of your main goals is to make enough of a profit so that your business is economically viable. The obvious way to do this is to make enough sales and one main way to increase sales is to have your products listed in more than one online location.

Listing your products in marketplaces is a great way to give your brand more exposure and get your products more views. Shoppers are drawn to marketplaces because of the variety of products and the ease of the all-in-one shopping experience. As such, marketplaces are a prime spot for obtaining shoppers who don’t know about you yet. Shoppers who just happen to stumble across your brand through searching for specific products, or by browsing the most viewed and most popular listings.

Megan Cash

Does this mean simply posting a product in a marketplace will lead to early retirement without any marketing efforts on your end? In a perfect world this would be possible for everyone! However, there are factors you have to take into consideration when selling your products that will help with making sales. Last week’s article went over a few things to consider and as a brand, it’s important that you know how to market your products through keywords, photography, and even selling in person. By listing in a marketplace, the main goal is to get more shoppers looking at your products and your products will do the rest!

At Storenvy, we provide you with the tools to create your own custom online web store AND we also add the products you list to our marketplace. When adding products to your custom store, you automatically get your products listed in our marketplace which sets your products up to have more of an online presence. No extra work such as re-listing required!

What marketplaces are you in?

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