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Let your brand shine through in your product photography


When it comes to expressing your brand clearly, your product photos are key. When a shopper is browsing an online marketplace (like Storenvy) they’ll come across your products alongside products from many other brands. Ideally, anyone familiar with your brand should be able to recognize that an item is yours just from the picture, even if the same product is being sold by other stores.

Here are 3 things to consider when trying to achieve that:

  • Background
    What you put behind your product when taking the photograph has a huge impact on the mood of the final image. A stark, white background sends a very different brand image than a rustic, wooden table. Think carefully about the feeling you want to convey and choose a background that does that, without detracting from the product itself.

Compare the way this ring from Claire Sommers Buck looks…
Versus this ring from Perry Rhodes

  • Lifestyle
    Lifestyle images show your product in a setting where it would actually be used, and are a fantastic way to communicate your brand. In a lifestyle photo, your product can take slightly more of a back seat, allowing you to get creative with models, settings, and additional props.
    These stores all do a really great job of helping you imagine the kind of home their products would fit perfectly into:


The choice of model, pose, location as well as the other clothes and accessories in these pictures make for a really strong brand impression:

  • Props
    This may not be relevant for all types of products but, where it is relevant, it can be a super simple way to increase consistency and memorability. For example, BERUF’s use of a twig from which to hang their products in every photo

and House of Moss’ use of the same bowl to display their products in for many of their images


What simple changes could you make to your product photos to help them fit your brand more closely and become more recognizable?

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