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4 Steps to build a thriving mailing list


Adam gave you a few suggestions for ways to wow your customers into coming back to shop with you again after the holidays and you should definitely take his advice.

But what about the customer who just isn’t ready to buy from you again so soon, no matter how delightful the shopping experience?

Well, we’ve got you covered with four tips to make sure your store stays top of mind until your shoppers are ready to buy again (and again, and again…).

Let’s get started!

1. Setup a mailing list

It should go without saying, but you can’t build a mailing list if you don’t already have one. Fortunately, there are services which are free if your list is under a certain size or you only send a few emails, like Mailchimp. Set up an account with the service of your choosing and while you’re there, get hold of a signup form URL. Each service will be different, but you should be able to make a signup form and then get the code to paste into a website, or get a URL to a version hosted by the email service.


2. Put a signup link on your store page

Prompt your customers to provide their email addresses so you can build your list – add a link to it from your store. While you’re there, make sure to also add links to all your social media profiles so it’s easy for people to follow you there as well. If you want to embed a signup form directly into your store there is a great tutorial here, written by Tanya, of Mystic Eye Creations.

3. Make your store news their news

Some people will sign up or follow you directly from your store but others may need a gentle nudge. You can provide that nudge in the form of reminder links when they order, or on an order follow-up email. Remember, be direct; ask them to follow you or signup. Make sure you’re giving people the chance to opt-in, not just adding them yourself, or else your emails may be flagged as spam.

4. Give them content they value

This is the tricky part: if you aren’t sending people content they actually want to see, they will unsubscribe. Here’s a few ideas of things you can send to your email list:

  • Discount codes just for them (and their friends)

  • Previews of new products you will be getting in soon

  • Advanced warning of sales you’re having

  • Events that you will be involved in (Group sales, craft fairs, popup shops etc.)

  • Tips related to your product (think style advice if you sell clothes, tutorials if you sell craft supplies, business advice if you sell web themes)

  • News related to your product (tour updates if you sell band merchandise, competition updates if you sell sporting goods)

  • Inspiration behind product designs, sneak peeks behind the scenes of your business, photos of work-in-progress, anything that gives them a bigger picture of who you are.

If that’s not enough for you, Mailchimp has a whole guide just for online sellers.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get your mailing list setup, the sooner you can start building your network of lifelong fans!

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