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3 Tips to Turn First-Timers into Lifetime Customers


“You’ve made a sale!”

The email message every store owner loves to receive–after all, it represents a brand new order! But if you’re really interested in building a thriving business, start loving this kind of email because of another opportunity it represents: The chance to create a lifetime relationship with your customer.

You see, while a new order definitely means you’re making moves, the foundation of your lifetime relationship begins with a “wow” experience–one where you take the time to add personal touches and interactions that make your customer feel extra special.

Not sure where to begin? Keep reading for advice on creating an unforgettable experience for your customers.

1. Personalize the purchasing experience.

While Amazon may be able to get you products the next day, there’s one thing they can’t do: Deliver the human touch.

One of the easiest ways to show your customer that there’s an actual person behind your brand? Write a simple thank you message and include it with the product when you ship it. There’s a few ways you can do this, and you don’t have to get super fancy. The easy route? Print off their packaging slip and include a handwritten thank you. One step further? Include an actual paper thank you card. The simple act of showing there’s a living, breathing human behind a brand helps customer earn trust and keeps you top-of-mind.

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2. Add a little flair to your packaging.

When customers place an order, they almost never expect to receive more than what they ordered. Why not take advantage of that and leave a lasting impression by doing something unexpected?

One of the easiest ways to do this is with amazing packaging. We’ve seen t-shirts folded into VHS cases, duffle bags wrapped beautifully in kraft paper, jewelry in personalized boxes topped with bows. Presentation is everything, so go the extra mile with your packaging and your customers will take note–and better yet–they’ll talk about it!

Oh–one more thing! Got store swag? It never hurts to share something unexpected in the packages you send out including buttons, stickers, candy, collectible cards, and so on. Find something that makes supports your brand and throw it in!

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3. Send follow-up emails.

A little follow-up goes a long way. After a customer’s made a purchase, check in with them to see how they’re liking their product. It may seem like a time-consuming practice, but when done properly and over time, you stand to benefit in the form of increased positive word of mouth, as well as a higher number of return customers. And you know what they say about practice–it makes perfect. The more you do this, the less time-consuming it’ll be!

So, what’s the best way to follow up? We like a simple email. Ask the customer whether they have any positive (or negative) feedback. Thank them for their insight in the form of a discount code for their next purchase. But don’t feel limited by these suggestions–do what you think is the best way to delight and inspire your customers to return to your store. The unexpectedness of such human interactions are sure to give people a reason to keep coming back in the future.

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