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Story Behind the Store: Massalina Drive & Turning the Lights On


My name is Allan, the owner of Massalina Drive and this is my Storenvy story.

My “day job” is co-founder of, over the past 6 years I’ve worked in pixels designing the interface for our application. I was an art major in college, I’ve always loved creating things with my hands. Working in pixels, especially in a startup, you eventually lose the satisfaction that creating a lasting object gives you. Pixels changes so quickly, hard work is iterated on, nothing lasts when you create things online in pixels.


Back a few months ago I started having the urge to create again, something I could hold, feel, touch, see even pass on to my children. I’ve always loved functional art. I love metal and wood, I love something with a story. Rust, dings, bends, weathered, like me, imperfect, flawed but has a story. Building lamps is joyful.  I love finding pieces of discarded ”junk”, bringing them together and giving them a second chance. Something about sharing something you built with your hands feels right.


As my house filled up with lamps my wife started nudging me to sell some. My friends seemed to like my art and wanted to buy them. So I needed a website that could help me find the next caretakers of my lamps. allowed me to quickly setup a store, then using my pixel-skills, customize it making it into whatever I wanted. My store is called Massalina Drive, it’s the road my Dad grew up on. Something about that name felt right to me.

Every lamp I sell is exciting and sad at the same time. I build lamps the way I’d like them to be, when they sell I’m happy to see someone else enjoy them, but sad to see them leave.


Check out Massalina Drive and pick up your own one-of-a-kind lamp!


If you are interested in sharing the story behind your brand feel free to email us at We’d love to share it!

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