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Story Behind the Store: Pin Pin Finds on Going From Unemployed to Living Her Passion


Hi there, my name is Natasha Lloyd, owner of Pin Pin Finds and this is my Storenvy story.

pin pin finds

It all started when I lost my job working in a jewellery shop. I was made redundant and had no back up plan. For a month I was unemployed despite having plenty of retail experience and a degree from university. That month rolled into two months, then three. Then one day I had enough. “I can run my own jewellery shop” I thought. “I will be my own boss”

So that is exactly what I did. I took every penny from my savings and started PinPinFinds- it was mainly wholesale costume jewellery to start with but then I started making jewellery too. I registered as self employed and made business cards to hand out at local shops. I told my story to others and I eventually found a craft shop which hired me as a volunteer.

pin pin finds necklace

Within a week they had promoted me to their head Creative Assistant just because of the skills I had learned from Storenvy. I am still with the same company, now leading a small team in all aspects of the website and marketing.

PinPinFinds has also gone from strength to strength. I now make a lot more jewellery myself and have been invited to do trade shows all around Norfolk, UK. We have been featured in magazines, blogs and news articles in the UK and USA. The only continent PinPinFinds hasn’t sold jewellery to is Antarctica!


Storenvy has helped my brand reach a truly global market, the admins care so profoundly for all their shop owners and really listen to our input. Adam even Skyped me once just to chat about what it was like being a UK user!

I honestly believe that without Storenvy I would be either unemployed, or working in a job which didn’t utilise me to my full potential. I’m very lucky to be able to be working on projects that I really enjoy.


The most humbling thing is telling people I am the owner of PinPinFinds and the reply being “Really?! I’ve heard of you!”

I hope this story inspires!

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