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PayPal’s back in the marketplace.


Freedom To Choose

For the past few months, many requests to bring Paypal into the Marketplace have reached our ears. We care about what you need to be a successful store, so we took on the challenge of making this request a reality. We listened and, with love, we worked our rumps off to make it happen.

Paypal is back on Storenvy with full force.

Now you have the power, and the freedom to choose your payment processor in your Marketplace and Custom Store. You are able to offer Paypal, Stripe, or both and let your customer choose how they want to pay!

We want to be straightforward, we accomplished this because of one simple reason… We love you guys. Your voices to bring Paypal into the Marketplace, motivated us to overcome the technical hurdles and months of building for this PayPal perfect feature to happen.

Paypal is pretty great.

Paypal is safe, secure, and trusted by millions. Customers who have a Paypal account find it very easy to make purchases online. When they login to Paypal during checkout, their information is already filled out and ready to go! Instead of inputting their card information every single time, that’s so 2008.

PayPal has built security measures called “Seller Protection”. Their policies do a great job safeguarding businesses from fraud. These are just a few key points:

  • Keep transactions guarded with advanced encryption
  • Help you resolve a dispute from beginning to end
  • Protect you from buyer fraud (always use a tracking number!)
  • Monitor transactions 24/7

You can read more about Paypal’s Seller Protection here:

Yes, Paypal is good at what they do, and this is reason enough to bring Paypal back. But having the freedom to choose your payment processor will give you the tools to achieve more on Storenvy. Thankfully, and with hard work, limitations are lifted for store owners:

  • Who want to be in the Marketplace but prefer to only use Paypal. Now you can!
  • Who are located in a country not supported by Stripe. You have nothing to worry about, you can set up your PayPal account and launch your Storenvy store!
  • Who need to increase conversion rates. Storenvy stores sell all over the world, and some international customers can only checkout using Paypal. Adding two payment methods greatly increases your chances that the customer will complete their order at checkout.


Get started offering your customers PayPal:

Note: Marketplace commissions fees still apply for PayPal transactions. Your PayPal account with be charged a 10% commission fee for every sale you make in the marketplace. Your custom store sales made through PayPal are still completely FREE!

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