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New! Seriously Cool Features For Customer Trust

mark orders as shipped with tracking

Howdy Storenvy store owners,

We have made some exciting updates to improve our shared customer’s shopping experience, mostly because we love you, but also to help build a more trustworthy marketplace. All of the updates can been seen on the marketplace products pages which include FAQs, shipping cost calculator and your store ratings.

By now we’ve all probably bought something online, so it should be no surprise that trust is one of the most important things a customer considers before whipping out their credit card to make an online purchase. We’ve included the following to help answer some common questions that we found customers have.

Store FAQs

  • How long will my order take to arrive?
  • What is the return policy?
  • What are accepted forms of payment?

Your store’s policies are now readily available for customer’s to evaluate under your product photos in the marketplace. This can be extremely helpful if your products are custom made, pre-orders, or have lengthy shipping times. If you do not accept returns or exchanges, the customer will know before making the purchase. Make sure your FAQs are thoroughly filled out.

Shipping Estimate Calculator

  • How much does the shipping cost?

No secrets allowed when it comes to shipping costs. Customer’s want to know up front how much they are paying for shipping, and now the can! Customers simply choose their country from the “Shipping to” drop-down, and the shipping cost is automatically calculated. Isn’t that cool! So go ahead and set up your shipping groups and classes, your customers will appreciate it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.15.02 PM

Store reviews and ratings

  • What did other customers experience ordering from this business?

90% of customers need to read reviews before making a purchase decision. Reviews and ratings have become crucial for e-commerce, and actually drive more sales to online businesses, so long as you’re running a customer focus business!

We have established a simple and effective way for customers to see ratings. Customer feedback about your Shipping Time, Product Quality, and Customer Service will be expressed with a large smiling emoticon. Duh, emoticons are awesome! E-moticons for E-commerce am I right?

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.16.52 PM
*Did you know that stores with better ratings will get more visibility in marketplace search? So make sure you’re always giving a good customer experience, answer support emails promptly, ship on time, and always mark orders as shipped with tracking.

Quick Communication

  • How do I contact the store?

Customers need certain questions answered before they decide to make a purchase. Sometimes a question can not be answered by reading your FAQ or Review page.

To make shopping easier for your customers, the almighty “Ask A Question” button is now located on every product page. So simple! Customers can inquire about a product and still checkout from the same page.
Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.35.55 PM
When your customer clicks the “Ask A Question” button, there is a cute pop-up with some information already filled out. The subject line automatically has the product name, and the message body contains a direct link to the product. This enables you to answer an inquiry with gusto, and the whole process is smooth for your customer.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.58.17 PM

These features were built to help you increase trust, and strengthen the bond between you and your customers. It’s important to remember the e-commerce golden rule. Treat customers how you would like to be treated!

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