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How to Use New Dashboard Stats to Grow Your Business


With the introduction of our new Marketplace Admin Panel stat modules, you’ll get more insight into how your store is performing on Storenvy. The new stat modules are broken down into Envies, Watchers, and Collections. Read on to find out how these recent additions will help you grow your business.

‘Envy Counts’ and ‘Most Envied Products’

When a shopper discovers items in the Storenvy Marketplace, they hit the “Envy” button to give the product a “thumbs up.” It’s an easy way of saying, “I like this!” When someone Envies your product, it’s then shared with all of the people that follow them. We’re talking virality, folks!

The new Dashboard allows us to see which products are getting the most Envies, and by whom. We recommend taking a close look at your Most Envied Products. Ask yourself what about that product caused people to Envy it? Was the product quirky? Seasonal? Did it have a great accompanying photograph or product description? Look for patterns and commonalities among successful products and lean into what’s working well for you.

Pro-tip: You can also click on the username of the person that Envied your product to see what else they’ve Envied. This gives you a great sense of what your prospects are excited about. It also serves as a great source of inspiration!


‘Watcher Counts’

If a shopper absolutely loves your store they will click the “Watch Store” button. When someone is watching your store, each new product you release will be sent to their feed. When it shows up in their feed, it serves as a reminder to come back for a visit.

Pro-tip: You can always click on a username from the Watchers module to see what other types of people are watching your store. Take a look at the other types of stores they love and see if you detect a pattern, or if you can learn more about what they’re interested in. All of this information will make you smarter about how you market yourself.


Product Collections

Seeing which Collections your products show up in give you powerful insight into how people are responding to what you sell. In the new Product Collections module, you can now see which of your products have been added to Collections, who added it, and what the Collection is called. Take a look through the Collections to see how products are being grouped or even what they’re being called; eventually, you’ll be able to identify patterns and make adjustments to your products going forward.

Pro-tip: Partnerships are awesome. Use Collections to identify potential similarities between products in the same category. Reach out to see if there’s potential to work together. Whether it’s for contests, blogs or other partnerships, store owners have a lot to share with one another.

By spending a bit of time combing through these new stats, we hope you find new inspiration for your store, and also get a better overall sense of how your shop is performing!

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