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Best Practices For Running Promotions and Sales on Storenvy

Did you know? Studies show that shoppers who have discount codes…

  • Spend more,
  • Are more likely to buy from your store in the first place and
  • Walk away with greater satisfaction and loyalty.

And 42% of e-commerce purchases now include free shipping! Everybody loves a deal.
That said, promotions can be tough. If they aren’t properly planned and executed, you run the risk of damaging your brand and your customers’ loyalty. Here are three steps to ensure your promotions pay off.


1. Promote your sale
When you have a sale, think through the different ways to reach your customers — Twitter, Facebook, your blog, email newsletter, guest blog posts, relevant Facebook groups, etc. — and do it all! It’s sure to pay off. Today, for brands big and small, email is by far the most effective way to cut through the chatter and catch people’s attention.

2. Make sales special
Having sales too often can actually be harmful for your brand, because they may condition customers not to from you at full price. You can no doubt think of a few stores where you wait to buy until the next sale. Make sure you’re not putting yourself in this corner. Get creative with your promotions. You can have a Friends & Family sale, where people feel like they’re “in the club” for hearing about your sale. You can host your own flash sales (see above: these require good promotion!). To make your sales really exclusive, you can have them only once or twice a year, and call it your “annual” or “twice-a-year” sale (these are great for clearing old stock). Sometimes it’s all about what you call it. You can also display featured” promotions on your custom stores so that new customers will have an incentive to buy once they visit your store. “Free Shipping” or %0ff your first order can be great for converting new customers.

3. Reward loyal customers
Look at your sales and promotions as a way to reward customers for being loyal to your brand. Try adding a discount code to your receipt and emails that offers a special discount to loyal customers. Additionally, the Storenvy Facebook app lets you display a discount code after a shopper has liked your Facebook Page, and many brands offer discount codes after a shopper signs up for their newsletter. Friends & Family discounts (often held by big brands in October, right before holiday shopping hits) do the same thing.

Note: Some brands hold sales because they haven’t had any purchases yet. If you’re having a hard time selling products, consider ways you might be able to improve your store in general before resorting to a sale.

Your Storenvy store comes complete with the option to create a discount code for a percentange-off sale.
With Super Discounts, for $5/month, we’ll open up Pandora’s box of discounts for you:

  • $-off
  • %-off
  • Free Shipping
  • Buy X Get Y

Each promotion type can be set to:

  • Require a discount code or not
  • Expire after a certain date
  • Expire after a certain amount of uses
  • Not work until a customer spends $X

You can turn Super Discounts on and off anytime. Visit the Extras tab in your Store Admin Panel to turn Super Discounts on now!


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