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Friday Finds: Helpful Resources for Store Owners


Every Friday we scour the internet for helpful articles to share so you can learn more tips and tricks brought to you in one convenient location!

Craft Fair Tips: Preparation is key to a successful show
5 simple tips on preparing for craft fairs to maximize success.

8 Tricks of the Trade Show
If trade shows are your focus, you’ll want to read these tips that are as useful for seasoned trade show experts as beginners.

How social media benefits SEO
They don’t seem obviously related but social media can definitely boost your search engine visibility.

How to write excellent product listing descriptions
5 things you should make sure you cover in every product description you write.

Be interested to be interesting
Why are you running your business? If it’s not because you’re 100% passionate about it, it may be time to change course.

Stay tuned for more tips next week!

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