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Every Friday we scour the internet for helpful articles to share so you can learn more tips and tricks brought to you in one convenient location!

We’ve found some great resources for learning and inspiration on social media, SEO, and focusing your business so you can be an en even better online store owner.

Six Easy Ways to Grow your Instagram Following (fast!)
Instagram is a powerful social platform for brand awareness and creating a community around your business. This article lists some helpful suggestions for growing your Instagram following.

Natural Social Media Marketing & 50 Content Ideas!
It can be hard to come up with great social posts on days when your creative energy is low. We’ve found an awesome list of ideas that you can use for social media marketing inspiration.

SEO 101, Part 1: What is SEO?
SEO is extremely important for online businesses, and you’ll be better off learning as much as you can about this topic so you can get discovered. Here’s an article to get you started with the basics.

How Social Media Benefits SEO
You social media presence is huge for branding and marketing, but it can also help with your store’s SEO. Read up on how social media enhances your SEO.

Specialize or Diversify? Why Picking Your ‘Thing’ Is Worth It
You’ve probably heard the adage that focus is the key to success. When it comes to running an online business, or any creative pursuit, it might just pay off to figure out where your strengths lie so you can hone in and perfect your craft.

More from the Storenvy team next week!

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