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5 Ways to Get Holiday Ready Now


The peak selling season is just around the corner—and it’s time to prepare for the upcoming rush.

Feeling the pressure? Don’t sweat it. Just keep these 5 tips in mind as you go through your holiday prep list and check it twice.

1. Don’t look for patterns in what sold before

Fourth-quarter sales are unpredictable. Unfortunately, the items people buy before the holiday season doesn’t give you a glimpse into what they’ll buy during this busy time.

Just accept the sales and take a few chances. Purchase inventory you normally wouldn’t. You never know what will sell during the upcoming selling season.

2. Draw in a new customer base

Soon you’ll have more one-time buyers than ever before. It’s the perfect time to offer them a little something extra to keep them coming back.

Slip in a free gift with their purchase or a business card with a special promo code. Even a small gesture will leave a lasting impression so one-time buyers become loyal customers who think of you when they’re looking for that perfect something later on.

3. Stay organized

Use these last few weeks leading up to the final stretch of 2016 to make sure you’ve dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s. Get every single product listed and priced to sell.

Then check your shipping supplies to ensure you have enough and double-check that your inventory is organized and easily accessible. You want to grab every sale possible and make the most of each opportunity. You can’t do that if you can’t find your inventory or get it ready to be shipped quickly.

4. Be social

Have your social media pages up and running. You want to draw in new buyers, and the way to do that these days is through social media.

Give shoppers and potential shoppers a glimpse behind the scenes into your operation, and tell them about yourself and your business. Just limit your posts to a few a day. The trick is to stay on potential patrons’ radar without overwhelming them.

5. Have a customer service plan

Let’s be honest: Things may go wrong—and you’ll want to be prepared.

So decide now where you stand on returns and the kind of customer service you want to offer then put those thoughts into action. There’s nothing worse to a buyer than a seller who’s all over the board.

And as orders start coming in be sure to always keep shoppers in the loop about their purchases. Let them know when you ship an item and if it’s delayed. Many of these purchases may be presents, so shoppers want to know when to expect them. You’d be surprised how having a plan and putting it to work can turn even unhappy shoppers into loyal customers.

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