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5 Tips for using Twitter


Twitter is a great platform for building connections with people. Use it well and you can build a loyal following who will continue to support your brand, both through purchasing and telling their friends.

  • Don’t just post your own products all the time. On the rare occasion that you do post your own product, make sure there is a story, a reason, why you’re sharing that particular product at that particular time.
  • Show an interest in people. Find people you know and follow them. Find people you’re interested in and follow them. Look for people who might be interested in your brand (based on some of the other things they’re interested in) and follow them. Find your customers (past or future!) and follow them.
  • Engage with people. All those people you follow, actually read what they post and, where appropriate, reply. Send tweets directly to specific people when you have something to share that they would appreciate.
  • Join in conversations. In many cases #hashtags are used to create group conversations around a specific subject. Find conversations which are relevant to your brand and join in on them sometimes. Contribute something meaningful to the discussion, not just a link to your store.
  • Share other people’s content. It’s practically impossible to over-use Twitter and you’ll make friends fast ( as well as make it easier on yourself to find things to tweet) if you retweet other people’s tweets and share links to other people’s blog posts, products etc.

So the real secret to Twitter? Be a real person with real interests and genuine opinions. Be outgoing, sociable and friendly and build connections just like you would make friends. Simple :)

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