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10 Ways to Help Customers Trust Your Brand

10 Ways to gain customer trust

It’s no surprise that shoppers find it easier to trust mainstream brands when shopping online than independent ones like yours. If someone’s shopped at a Target store, they know what they’re getting when they order from You don’t have the same brand reach — but you do have some advantages Target doesn’t have.

Here are 10 ways you can help shoppers know that you’re real, you’re awesome and that you’ll deliver their order like they expect.

#1: Good design How does your store design stack up compared to your favorite online stores? Does it look like you take your business seriously, or like you’re a fly-by-night operation? Tasteful design shows shoppers you care.

#2: Good photography A well-produced photo shoot does the same thing. A fuzzy camera phone pic suggests that you’re lazy and might forget to ship out your orders. On the other hand, a well-lit photo with accurate colors and good depth of field suggests that you love what you do, and you’ll make sure customers love what they buy from you.

#3: Useful product descriptions What questions might a shopper have about each of your products? Be as useful as possible. Include how they were created, what materials they’re made of, dimensions, what size the model is wearing, etc.

#4. Complete your FAQ Storenvy prompts you to fill out some basic FAQs, like whether you accept returns and whether you ship internationally. You can add as many additional FAQs as needed.

#5: Define your categories Clearly defined categories help show what all you offer, and they improve the shoppers’ experience, allowing them to click directly into whatever segment of your store they want to.

#6: Are you active online? If so, share it! Studies shows that customers confirm your credibility by clicking on your social profiles to see how active you are. By the same token, if you’re not active, consider not including your accounts on your storefront.

#7: Give shoppers an angle to buy intoWhat is your unique spin on the products you sell? For many brands, this is described in a tagline — not just “T-shirts,” but “eco-friendly tees that love you back.” This will also help your brand be memorable for repeat purchases.

#8: Who you areShoppers love to know who they’re supporting. One of the major advantages you have over Big Business is that you’re a real person, and buying from you means supporting an indie brand rather than a corporate CEO. Help shoppers connect with you personally.

#9: Where you’re locatedWhere you live adds to your story. You’d be amazed at how much context a simple location provides for people — not to mention describing where products ship from. This is why the Storenvy store theme displays location so prominently.

#10: Testimonials/Press Who loves ya? Anytime a blog, magazine, customer or admirer says something great about you, share it. You could add a custom page to your store for this, or simply add a list of testimonials to your FAQ page.

Storenvy lets you include a concise 250-word bio, so make it count! Most importantly, make sure people don’t have to hunt to find basic information about you and your products.

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