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Guest Post: Sara Brook, The Hunt

It’s an amazing time to be a store owner. Consumers have constant sources of inspiration for the things that they want to buy and wear and trends can change on a moment’s notice or with the application of one filter on Instagram. Demand for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces is palpable, with millennials especially rejecting the notion that branded, mass-produced pieces are better or the status symbols that they once were.

The challenge for stores is connecting with consumers in the moment that they have intent for your products. If you’re a small business, chances are one of your top concerns is “How do I drive more sales?” Instagram is a great source for inspiration, but there are no direct links, making sales challenging at best. Product ads are expensive, and with more people spending their time within apps on mobile phones, they’re less effective. Social networks have attempted to integrate shopping with mixed results; people aren’t on Facebook or Twitter to shop, they’re there to engage with their friends and read the news. Marketplaces are great places for discovery of small stores, which you know from being on Storenvy. The Hunt is a shopping community that can also help you to connect to people looking to purchase one-of-a-kind products (like yours) and drive sales.



How does The Hunt work?

At The Hunt, we’ve flipped the traditional shopping model on its head. Our community of shoppers are all helping each other to look and feel their best by suggesting products and styles that suit each other’s personal needs and desires.

Hunt starters ask a question related to style or shopping, “Where can I buy this item,” “What color looks best on me?” and our community of fashionistas provide personalized recommendations and advice. Product recommendations are all product urls, generating high-quality, high-intent traffic to e-commerce sites. Store owners of online boutiques are using The Hunt as a platform to drive brand awareness and high quality leads to their websites and simultaneously delivering value to The Hunt community. Let’s say that you sell turquoise necklaces in your Storenvy store and someone has started a Hunt for #boho #jewelry. You could solve their Hunt by adding the product url to the necklace on your shop. We’ll crawl the webpage and bring in the photo of the item, as well as the price. You can add a personal comment, like “Turquoise is the perfect jewel to complete your boho look!” or “Handcrafted in New Mexico.”

(Example below: Infinite Youth Apparel, Storenvy business using The Hunt.)




Getting Started!

Shop owners (like you!) using The Hunt have seen an incredible increase in traffic and sales – some even within the week that they begin engaging with the community. Siren London, an online boutique in the UK, attributes 25% of their overall traffic and around 8-10% of their sales to The Hunt. Participating on The Hunt is totally free; the only cost is your time answering hunts for our community. To get started using The Hunt, download our visual guide and get in touch with any questions: [email protected]. Happy Hunting!